Monday, March 19, 2018

Once upon a time...

in a kingdom far away.... well, not quite. My stuff has been taking over so I decided some (almost) spring cleaning was in order. In my piles of stuff I came across this book and all the triangles for octagons I cut out. Those were the days  I was just starting out and had no idea I could create my  own stuff. Conundrum... what do I do with this all?
I actually still like the fabric, however, it really has been ages since I followed anyone's pattern. There must be enough to make a queen size quilt. I am really torn here. I hate to waste perfectly good fabric...on the other hand what would I do with this when I am done?

The cleaning is cathartic. I have thrown out so much crap and I am reorganizing as I go. I have a while to go but in the long run I am going to be happier not being overwhelmed with so much that I will no longer use.


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