Saturday, August 18, 2012

New York's finest.....NOT

I have been in NJ for the past several days visiting my daughter and grandson (and fab SIL). I also had the chance to meet up with some dolly friends who were in from London and Ohio and one I hadn't met before who lived in NY..We made plans to go to Carmine's for lunch ( I thought this would be a good place to take visitors), and then 3 of us went up to the Met to see the Schiaparelli/Prada show. The show was great. We got on the M4 bus(at 81st street)to go back downtown. I went to put my Metro card back in my wallet, which I had put in the center zippered compartment, and found it missing. I knew someone had bumped up against me..the bus was crowded but I thought I was safe since I secured my wallet. We got off the bus at 60th street...we hadn't gotten very far. I called my credit card company first to report the cards stolen. On the corner of 59th street and 5th ave was a police van. Silly us. We actually thought cops were there to help. He explained he was part of the terrorist division and I had to call 911 for help! He couldn't do anything for me. So I called and told the dispatcher where I was. She took my name and cell phone number and said someone would be there shortly. About 45 minutes went by and no phone rings and the dispatcher asks again where I was. We saw a police car across the street and we tried to wave them down but they just kept going. Dispatcher said they would be there soon. At least another half hour went by and still no one. I called back this time and the same dispatcher asked again where I was. At least another 20 minutes went by and I gave gave up. We took the next bus as I needed to catch a train back to NJ , one of the ladies had theatre tickets and the third one needed to get back home. They loaned me money to buy a train ticket back. My daughter had given me her commuter ticket to get in and of course it was in my wallet along with my drivers license and various other charge cards. I was in pretty good humor considering. At least I wasn't mugged. At the window of NJ transit, the clerk asked me if I had a good day. I said not exactly, I just had my wallet stolen. He suggested I go talk to the customer relations agent and perhaps they could do something about replacing my daughters commuter ticket. I did. I explained what happened and how long I waited for the police. In order for them to do anything I had to file a police report. I told him I tried. He asked me to wait...he knew where there was a cop. He returned a few minutes later and told me to go upstairs and outside. The cop couldn't leave his post but he could call someone to come. I followed his directions and even saw the police van but alas no policeman. I walked up the block but still didn't see anyone. I was about to just give up when I spotted 2 cops across the street so I approached them and asked if they could help me. I shouldn't have wasted my time. They told me since this happened uptown and I was now downtown, I would have to go to the precinct to report it and file a claim... The precinct was a good 5 blocks away. I asked how long I would have to wait since there were only 2 more trains running that I could take back. They shrugged their shoulders. I thanked them very nicely for their help and went to catch my train. Don't you just love New York city police?

On the train ride back I was talking to hubby but lost connection. The man sitting next to me said that he couldn't help overhear my conversation and asked if I needed some money. A perfect stranger offered me help but NYPD couldn't be bothered to do diddly squat.

Whoever took my wallet did not make out too well. He got about $70 in cash and was probably very surprised to find that my credit cards were cancelled less than 15 minutes after his taking it. Yes, it is a pain in the ass but in the scheme of things it is just a bump in the road and I will not let this ruin my trip.

There are some very good people out there. Thank you for your help and support.

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