Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Focus on fiber retreat

I have been spending the past few days down in Florida at Mary McBride's Focus on Fiber retreat. It started with an optional 3 day class before the start of the retreat which I decided to take.  The class was on advanced Shibori techniques and was taught by Linda Dawson who is a very patient and giving person. We had a blast!  I learned techniques I  never knew how to do  and found out that there are some I have no interest in doing again and some I thought I never would have had an interest in that I love. We did indigo dyeing, pole wrapping, burn off, melt off and discharge. Some of the class also did some traditional shibori stitching... not my thing. I loved the indigo, especially over previously dyed fabrics.

The retreat officially started on Monday and is well attended. Everyone came with their own projects plus group things to do. The women are all very giving and sharing. There are some very well established artists at this group including Pamela Allen, Rosemary Claus- Gray, Marianne Williamson, Patricia turner, to name a few.  I have actually done more work here in 3 days than I have done at home in the past 3 months. Happy hour starts at 4:30 daily, Yoga at 11:00, and dance at 4:00. All meals are included and we are fed very well. There is only wifi in the studios, but not in the rooms. There is a wet studio and a dry studio and many of us are using both. I have been dying up some gorgeous fabrics and selling them before I can even iron them. I even did my first mandala on a silk scarf. Now that I have done it, I haven't a clue what to do with it! I have been overdyed some silk scarves with indigo and they came out wonderfully. I even dyed up some baby socks! I really am having fun. I worked on my 12" square for SAQA and that is almost done. Enjoy the pictures.


deanna7trees said...

beautiful pieces. i especially like the indigo blue sweater. i'm in the middle of an online shibori class with glennis dolce and i love the stitching. thanks for sharing.

Gerrie said...

I wanted to come down, after my trip to Japan was canceled, but it is spring break here and I couldn't get a flight.

Say hey to all!