Thursday, December 16, 2010

Special Friends

I am not a particularly religious person, but there are times I think there is someone out there there watching over me. I have been very lucky in my life to have made some wonderful friends and recently that has expanded to cover internet friends as well. I "met" Carole in an online class a few years ago and we really hit it off. We were lucky to have had an opportunity to meet for lunch last year when I was in her neck of the woods and it only confirmed what we already knew. We have been trying to make plans to spend some more time together, but life has conspired against us and all the plans we made have had to go on the back burners. In the midst of all her family issues she found the time to make me a fantastic gift to help me get over the loss of Sammy. Carole has been making paperbag books which are drop dead gorgeous. I received one in the mail today and it actually brought me to tears. First off, it is stunning. Second, it is made with so much feeling that it practically jumps off the pages. I could not wish for a better gift and it has come at a perfect time. Please go visit her blog HERE. She forgot to take photos before she sent this off and I will do so as soon as I have more time. This is truly a work of art and of love. Thank you so very much Carole. For icing on the cake, she even ordered some of my fabric! I am very lucky indeed.


Anonymous said...

Aw... thank you so much Sherryl. Yes, indeed... we did hit it off and life has been in the way of us getting together as planned. When I learned that Sherryl's best 'fur' friend had to go to sleep, I felt her pain in my heart and I wanted to bear part of that burden with her. This 'memory book' is a way of keeping those small mementos in one external spot... other than the heart. I can see that if Sammy wore a little bell or tag around his neck.. sherryl just may tie that onto one of the ribbons... for example.

Hugs, my friend... it was made for you.. with love.

Rayna said...

Oh, dear. I posted last night and it never made it to the blog. Carole's book is amazing and you are indeed lucky to have such a caring friend (especially one that does such beautiful books).