Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 10 Drive to Jodhpur via Ranakpur and Kumbhalgarth

Today we drive to Jodhpur via a stop at the fort at Kumbhalgarth and the Jain temple in Ranakpur.  The drive through the country side  to get there was a feast for the eyes. We shared the road with herders and their flocks of cows, water buffalo, goats, and sheep. We passed water buffalo taking a cool dip in the river and farmers irrigating their fields using the old Persian water wheel and oxen to draw the water up from the cisterns.

First stop is the Fort at Kumbhalgarth. It was built between 1443 and 1458.  It is still inhabited by descendants of the old villages that were within the protection of the walls. There are several temples within the complex mostly dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Lingam stone is one of the representations of the Hindu deity Shiva. The Lingam is said to be a symbol the male creative energy or phallus.

Lingam stone representing Lord Shiva

Next stop is the marble Jain Temple in Ranakpur. Over 1444 marble pillars, carved in exquisite detail, support the temple. The pillars are all differently carved and no two pillars are the same. It is believed to have been constructed in the late 14th to early 15th centuries.
Jain temple in Ranakpur

The rest of the day was spent in the drive to Jodhpur.... my favorite of all the cities we visited.

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deanna7trees said...

i'm going to be sad when you come to the end of telling about this journey. it's almost like going back in time.