Monday, January 4, 2010

First post for the year 2010

If the first couple of days of the new year is a harbinger of what it to come, then overall, I like it. I have managed to sneak in a book, Steve Berry's new one, "The Paris Vendetta". Not nearly as good as his others, but not terrible. I think he is beginning to fall into the the same formula rut some of the other big authors have. Oh well, it is not as if I do not have enough to read! We went to see a hilarious movie with Meryl Streep... "It's Complicated". We laughed ourselves silly.  The end is a bit bittersweet, but good. I took part 1 of a 2 part class my girlfriend is teaching locally. It is upside down applique with lots of thread painting to come. While I haven't used anyone else's pattern in years, I thought I could learn a bunch from this class. I have lots of homework before the 2nd class. This is going to be a Pansy.. of course my colors will have no resemblance to anything she had in mind! I need the free motion practice and the thread painting practice.

I am looking forward to a productive year with lots of opportunity to learn and advance.

Happy New Year 2010.

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