Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Special treats

Many of us have made lots of online friends but how often do you actually get to meet them in person? I had the good fortune last week of turning an online friend into a real life friend. Carole Grant and I have taken two online classes from Pamela Allen and we hit it off from the beginning. She lives in BC, Canada in the summer and winters in Palm Springs, CA. We tried to hook up last year as we were driving through but it just didn't work out. This year, Ned and I were spending a week in Palm Springs at a bridge tournament and Carole and I made a firm date to meet for lunch. She picked a wonderful place to eat and we sat outside and enjoyed the fine weather. We talked and talked! After lunch we took a walk and window shopped and talked some more. We found we had a lot of things in common and just enjoyed each others company. The afternoon reinforced the friendship that had been building for the past two years. Carole gifted me with some of her work and and extra pair of surgical scissors (you can read her story on her blog). We are now planning to meet up at least once a year to do something.

Meeting Carole was the highlight of the week but the bridge was decent as well. We got to see some bridge buddies we haven't seen in a while and spent time with some friends as well. Lots of our local bridge club players were there also. Thursday night is the Art Festival in Palm Springs and they close down the main street so vendors can set up booths. The smells from the food were delicious and if we hadn't had a reservation already for dinner we would have pigged out on street food. There was some interesting artwork, lots of jewelry, the usual handcrafts (good and garbage), and wonderful people watching. The pet dogs were out in force... some were dressed up in coats and boots (I kid you not) and some were being pushed in doggie strollers. It was a fun evening.

I have a piece I need to finish up before the end of the year and then I will decide what I want to focus on for 2010.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season.


Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Sounds like you two had a lovely visit!

Rayna said...

What fun, Sherryl! Don't you just love when this happens and your on-line friends turn out to be terrific in person?
See you in 2010, I am sure.