Monday, November 9, 2009

2 day class with Heide Stoll-Weber Part 1 of 2

I was lucky enough to take a 2 day dye class with Heide locally here in Scottsdale with 12 other women hosted by Marla Hattabough at her studio. 2 days was definitely not enough time with Heide and I will look forward to a longer class one day. Day 1 was spent doing crossover gradation dyeing. What fun!  The colors are all yummy too. We started with 2 1/2 yard pieces and we all dyed 6 of them to be divided up at the end so we all had a set. I could stare at these for hours. The weather was spectacular and we did most of the work outside. Poor Heide thought 80's was too hot.

                                                                These are all the crossovers                      

Our hostess Marla

mad scientists

                                                        Lunch time!

I am in the process of washing out all the fabric I dyed yesterday. These will all be multicolors. From what I can see so far they are gorgeous. More later.


Katherine McNeese said...

Lucky you!!!

Marlis said...

lucky you - lucky me: a couple of years ago i had the chance to take a three day class in heide's studio at frankfurt/germany!
enjoy your fabrics!