Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Out with the old, in with the new

.... well not quite. I finished a piece that I have been working on and started a new one. I have been working on a still life that is a challenge from my art quilters guild. It had to be 24"sq and at least 50% black fabric. I wasn't a real happy camper when I signed up for this (actually, I signed up for it before I knew it had to be black) since I had just finished working on the black and white piece that was driving me nuts. It has no name..... I can't think of one so I am just calling it Still Life 2. The background fabrics are my shibori pieces and one I dyed black. The 2 vases on the left are African fabrics and the squat vase is one of my hand dyes that has been painted over. The flowers are silk from the craft store. I lost my marbles and hand beaded the left side. I would like to enter this somewhere but I am not sure where. This is the old.

The new is more of my shibori and hand dyes that is going to be the background for something oriental in flavor. I think I got carried away and made it larger than I wanted.... Oh well... this is what the fabric was telling me to do.

I had a frightening experience this afternoon. All of a sudden my mouse stopped working as did all 4 of my USB ports. I forced shut down my laptop and opened it up expecting to find it filled with cat hair (occupational hazard in this house). Surprisingly, it was clean ( I clean it out fairly regularly or the fans shut down and overheat. The cat hair gets caught behind the fans). Now I have no idea what might have caused this but I turned the computer back on and everything is working fine.... gremlins.

I had ordered some silk scraps by Jane Steinberg through Artistic Artifacts and my package arrived yesterday....... they are gorgeous and I plan on using them in the piece I am working on.

My poor hubby is on a business trip in Pennsylvania and Ohio and freezing his buns off... it has been a balmy 72 here. I do not miss the northeast one bit. This is what I call winter!


norma said...

I have a friend who moved to AZ and she is in your guild because she told me about the 50% black challenge. I thought that it sounded very difficult, but you've done a good job. I like the way you've incorporated you shibori.
My small quilt group is doing "Gray Plus One" I have some ideas, but haven't started anything.

pcoxdesign said...

I like your black and white but I LOVE the second one! Great start and colors. I too am burned out on black and white. This year is seeing black, white and blue though. Ha-ha. Can't wait to see what you do with this!

Judy Alexander said...

Love that black and white piece. The orange really gives it a pop!

Diane Beckley said...

I really like the brown one, it isn't a background, it IS an art quilt. Beautiful composition! Maybe just some hand quilting in like colors. To listen to me...
one might think I was an expert, I am not. I just REALLY like it. Your work often appeals to me.

Diane Beckley

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

They're really great Cheryl.

Vivien said...

The shibori pieces look stunning together like that. And wow, a second black and white piece. I would think that's tough, too, but you've done a nice job.