Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Through Rose Colored Glasses

So far I have been able to stick with my resolution to spend at least a few hours a day working. We will see how long I can keep this up! I have finished a piece I started in Pamela's class... this is a landscape using 2 colors. I have called it Through Rose Colored Glasses. I did (for me) lots of hand stitching... so its now a toss up which I detest most... hand stitching or machine quilting! Comments are always welcome.
I have also been working on my b/w challenge piece. Working in b/w is much more difficult than working in color. I have had to come up with other ways to create the punch. While I am not thrilled with the piece, I may grow to like it with more work. If nothing else, it is a learning experience.


pcoxdesign said...

This looks great!

Edzellinni said...

I love the colors, they are so harmonious without being monochromatic, especially the sky.

I had a hard time with the b/w also! I chucked two half finished quilts and went back to my old faithful friend, self portraits. I found you can't just do what you would do in color and automatically turn it into b/w; black and white is a world unto itself.

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Very nice! Both the hand stitiching and the machine quilting really add dimension to your piece. And I really like all the little tidbits on the beach.
Great job.

Tanguera said...

Looks like a tropical sunset. Quite lovely.

Carole said...

Sherryl.. this is beautiful, I LOVE this version of it. Your hard work and determination paid off... in spades.
I have to compliment you on your choice of fabrics for your color scheme.. they work so well together.
I still have mine rolled up, but winter is coming..
Good job and thank you for inviting us to look and comment.

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Love it, love it, love it!

Also enjoyed your description of getting ready for the wedding. Would love to see a pic of you in your beautiful dress!

norma said...

Great colors! Love that red sky.

Anonymous said...

Sherryl that is beautiful! Love the sky and the detailing on the beach, makes me wish I was there. truly a great job.