Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Funky Dye Day

I just got some of Hoffman's Lawn PFD fabric and is it yummy feeling! I decided to play today. I had a yard piece from my last dyeing batch that I hated and was going to overdye next time I pulled the dyes out. Since I was experimenting anyway, I decided to play with some of Elmer's Blue Gel. I "drew" designs on the outcast fabric last night and let them dry. This morning I sprayed dye over it all. The result is quite funky. The 2 sides are different. The image on the top is the front side and the image on the bottom is the backside! Wild. I love it. I think this one is a keeper.... although I could get my arm twisted.
I am adding a bunch of new pieces to my other blog. The lawn fabric is soft as butter and the colors come out really rich and there is great color saturation. Did I mention I hate ironing???

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Rayna said...

What fun! I really love the results, Sherryl! Blue glue is great stuff but getting harder to find - at least, in my area.

See you at QSDS on the 20th!