Monday, April 28, 2008

Garden eScape

I haven't updated the blog in a while so I am doing catch up today. Life has a tendency to throw curves just when you think you can relax. After finishing up Pamela Allen's class I took a few days off to relax. I had just gotten back into the swing of things when I found out my Aunt, who had a rare cancer was really starting to fail. She was only 70, 13 years older than I am. I made plans to fly to Pittsburgh in 2 days but she passed the day before I arrived. The memorial service was lovely. I have wonderful memories of visiting her. She was incredibly creative and well ahead of her time as she never thought in the box. We started cleaning out her apartment and I took home a lovely vest made of exotic fabrics. It is too big for me but I will take it apart and create something in her memory.
When I got back I really buckled down to finish the commissioned piece I had promised by the end of the month.
We took a weekend trip to Irvine, California for Passover Seder and while we were there I got the opportunity to see my Grounds for Change piece, And the Circles Go Round and Round, hanging in the the Gallery.... thanks to Annie Copeland ( she is a hoot) who had a key and took the time to show us around. I also spent some time at Rogers Gardens which is a wonderful nursery. Back to work when we got home.
This past weekend we had friends come in from out of town and had previously made plans to go White water rafting in the upper Salt River. We had such a blast! I have never done that before but I am now a convert. We only took a half day trip because we hadn't a clue what we were in for. We are planning to do at least on full day trip next year and if we can handle that, then hopefully we will do a multi day trip.
My piece Garden eScape is now finished and being shipped off today to the new owners. I am planning on acquiring a top loading washing machine from the proceeds so I do not have to break my back hand rinsing my hand dyes!
My next project is to make a veil for my daughter for her wedding. This about catches me up.

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