Friday, March 5, 2010

Making a sample piece

I posted a few weeks back about a piece of fabric I had dyed that reminded me of the caves in Lascaux, France. I want to do something with that piece in keeping with the ideas it sparked but I was afraid I would ruin it by just jumping into it. I found another piece of fabric in my stash that sort of comes close and I decided to play on that piece first to see if I could pull it off. Since I cannot draw anything other than stick figures (and no I do not want to take classes) I depended on the photos of a good friend of mine John Blubaugh who has been traveling to some of our national parks and monuments and taking wonderful pictures. I asked him if he had photos of rock and cave paintings and if I could use his photographs as a basis for my piece. He kindly sent me about a dozen. I am happy with the way this one is coming out and my future plan is to make a large piece that incorporates the ancient art of the many areas of the world. The paintings from Europe, Australia, Africa, and the Americas all have similarities yet each retain the flavor of the local flora and fauna. I have used trapunto , layers of paint, and pen on this piece. I have shown here just a small piece of it. It will be 15" x 15" when done.

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